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stickers | set of 6 packages $16.50 ($2.75 each)

Kids can stick them on the play+go case, in the journal+scrapbook, or wherever they want—they're repositionable! Each package contains a double sheet of easy-to-grab stickers. Ages 3 and up.

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rover: includes all of rover's activities featured in the board book (flying, biking, skiing, crawling, walking, talking, running, hopping, jumping, skating, floating, dancing, swimming, sleeping) plus suitcase, cartoon balloon, and i get around logo.
action words: fly, bike, skate, float, skip, sleep, ski, jump, walk, sing, crawl, dance, talk, go, play, swim, climb, hop, run, rest, be, love, share, giggle, stop, dream, pretend, ride, rock, travel, snack, sit, do, grow, swing, wiggle, hug, cuddle
objects: acorn, dragonflies, sun, airplane, apple, zebra, ant, flower, squirrel, bear, leaf (2 kinds), stick, bee, taxi, bird, art in frame, cat, bus, rabbit, cloud, butterfly, turtle, rug, rocket, bicycle, aardvark, baseball, deer, dolphin, fish, football, lightning, frog, train, horse, house, lion, ice cream cone, giraffe, moon & stars, mouse, sailboat, snail, snake, snowflacke, soccer ball, wagon
feelings+senses: happy, scared, sad, angry, see, smell, taste, hear, touch (2 of each)
alphabet: 4 complete sets of uppercase and lowercase alphabets, plus exta blanks to write in
special places: large stickers that show and say "i get around" museums, parks, library, airports, zoo (2 of each)
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