Today's kids are always on-the-move. Now, they can keep track of their adventures (from a family trip to the soccer practice carpool) with the i-get-around line of products created by Twin Cities designer Deb Miner. What does it take to bring a new toy to market? Find out in this exclusive Examiner.com Q&A! more...

My Healthy Beginning

Play for Keeps
article by Deb Miner

Are there memories from childhood that stand out in your mind? What are they? Experiences—especially the unplanned and unstructured kind—are what I remember. Things I read, places I went, what happened, who was there, how I felt.
We all know how important early learning is for kids and there are certainly plenty of “educational toys” out there to help. But I’m especially interested in the kind of learning that happens spontaneously through open-ended play. more...
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Check out Travel Mamas for travel tips, packing lists, checklists, stories, and resources for parenting on the go! Here's what they have to say about i get around: "These are cute products that encourage kids to be curious about the world around them on trips, both real and imaginary. The i get around journal and scrapbook provide a fun way for kids to remember a family vacation."
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I Get Around (from $11 at i-get-around.com)
My four-year-old niece, Emily, is always on the go. I have never met a child with so much energy and interest in the world around her. Minneapolis-based Deb Miner's collection of books, journals, and stickers about an exuberant dog, Rover, who loves to explore his little world, really remind me of Emily. I can just picture her toting her favorite things around the house, to the store with Mom, in this play+go case.

The Voice of Mom
The Voice of Mom
Review: I Get Around book
The MOM VERDICT Sarah says: Overall, I loved this book. It’s colorful and fun and fast-paced. More importantly, both my three-year-old son and one-year-old daughter enjoy the story. And that is the key for a good, worthwhile read in my house. This would make a great present for the young child in your life.
SOMETHING EXTRA: This book is part of a series of products. Check out the I Get Around website for other great products. And see what author Deb Miner is up to on her I Get Around blog.

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"Life is a journey. Take pictures. Send postcards." I've never fully understood that particular inspirational saying. But high-end knickknack shops sure seem to like it. And my kids, I think they get it: I handed them this sweet little suitcase, filled with a board book, stickers, and a sturdy journal in preparation for our annual holiday trip. They seized immediately upon the journal. It commanded them to record the day and place. "Tusda" and "hom" they collaboratively wrote. "But, sweeties," I said, "That's for writing about what we do on our trip." Blank stares. Why on earth would that be any more important than what we're doing today, right here? As we left the house this morning, they reminded each other that tonight they will have to remember to write "Thrsda" and "hom." Minneapolis writer and artist Deb Miner created the set with a fun, contemporary aesthetic that parents will love as much as the kids. Find them at Bibelot shops, CorAzon in Minneapolis, and the Weisman Museum store.
-- Tricia Cornell, mother of a 2-year-old and 4-year-old, Minneapolis

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Goodies + Gear
While perusing one of our favorite children's shops, kiddywampus, we discovered this travel-inspired I Get Around journal and scrapbook from local author/illustrator Deb Milner. Budding writers will hone creativity, curiosity, and early reading skills as they draw, write, and use stickers to express summer travel experiences—all while creating a keepsake you'll cherish later on.
Minnestota Monthly
Style File by Elizabeth Dehn
Local artist/writer Deb Miner created I Get Around to encourage kids to explore
the world around them. The collection of books, stickers, and tot-sized suitcases introduces Rover, an adventurous, loveable dog

Trusty Pony

Kid Travel Journal and Scrapbook by I Get Around
My 5-going-on-15-year-old niece Nayana walked me through her recent trip to New York with the aid of this travel journal. Two pages designated to each day offer a good amount of space to write a few key words, draw thoughts and plaster stickers. The trip kicked off the journal, which she’ll continue to fill throughout the year. Definitely a keepsake in the making.
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Whether you're traveling far or just exploring the neighborhood with little ones this summer, i get around products feature fun and creative ways for kids to express their thoughts about the world around them using their very own words and pictures...
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And check out these REVIEWS FROM KIDS (and their adults)!

(board book)

"One year old Luke has lots of books, but he chooses i get around to have read to him more than any other!"

"I was out in CA and delivered one of your “i get around” books to a just-turned-two year old. She calls it the silly puppy book and her mom declares it in her top five favorites."

(journal+scrapbook) "It was really great fun watching Caroline (age 6) spell out words and create the illustrations. The timing was perfect. She is just at the point where she is wanting to try to write things by herself. The size of the journal is just right. She could carry it arround and the space for text and pictures wasn’t so big that it was overwhelming."

(play+go case given to siblings about to visit new baby sister)
"This was really a hit with the big brothers and their parents. One took a stuffed animal and the other took a newborn stocking cap in the suitcases, past the security guards, nurses, etc. It was quite a production."