i get around is about children's fascination with—and exploration of—everything around them. Curiosity, discovery, and learning are encouraged by rover, a loveable, adventurous (and kinda silly) hound who likes to get around and learn along the way.

i get around "helps kids go places" by encouraging:

For over 25 years, Deb Miner has created award-winning concepts and design for clients including Target, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, and Chronicle Books. Now, she’s also the creator, author, and illustrator of i get around books+products.
Why did you create i get around? I’ve loved going places (both real and imaginary) since I was a little girl. My brother and I explored the woods and creatures in our backyard (in Iowa), boated on the Mississippi, and rode in the backseat on lots of roadtrips. My mom had lots of wanderlust, and my dad was endlessly curious about how things worked or were put together. This taught me that “getting around”— exploring, noticing, and learning new things—was (and is) exciting! I want to encourage kids (and their adults) to explore and enjoy the world around them.
Why did you make it for kids? I love the natural curiosity and creativity kids have, and I like helping little ones discover and develop these abilities. It can be so valuable for kids to become aware of their world through senses and feelings and also to begin to recognize their own actions and choices. Exploring self-expression and sharing experiences is key too. My desire is to create products that help them with all this from an early age.
What about rover? “rover” is, by definition, one who “gets around” right? And since I wanted to create a pretend character who can engage imaginations, I chose to make him a combination of kid, animal, and imaginary friend. So he has an open-hearted, enthusiastic, and innocent spirit (with a good measure of playful silliness). Don't we all need buddies like that?
Are you a mom? No, but I love the kids in my life! I’m a friend, cousin, and aunt to really great kids, and I've been a Big Sister (for 8 years), a Crisis Nursery volunteer, and an Art Buddy. Two other important family members are my cat, Joey, and dog, River (who came from a rescue group with that name...one letter away from Rover...how cool is that?). And Rover's personality was influenced by Hazel, the golden retriever who was my buddy for 14 years.
Do you like to travel? Yes! My most recent exciting trips were to Thailand and Ecuador (I experienced a volcano eruption there!) and there are always more places I want to go.
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Check out Deb's blog for updates, ideas, and to learn what some little rovers (and their adults) are up to!
head shot
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with kids in Ecuador
Deb in the highlands of Ecuador, showing girls a video of the dance they just performed.
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in Thailand
Deb in northern Thailand.
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