in everyday life,
on special trips,
and in my imagination!

board book
board book
play+go case
play+go case

!Go places with rover! i get around books and activities encourage little ones to be curious, creative, and connected to the world around them. Please have a look around to see what we have for the little rovers you know. Thanks for visiting!
i get around books and activities are designed to:
• Connect kids with nature and the outdoors
• Encourage physical activity and awareness
• Promote learning through PLAY

Check out the i-get-around-blog for info about:
• kids and nature
• fun ideas
• where and how we get around

WATCH this video!
See kindergartners journaling about how they love to get around!

More videos:
• I Get Around reading with baby
• I Get Around Kindergarten Tour
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Roll over rover! I bike as I like I float on a boat I fly in the sky I ski as you see Hi Watch out!